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Preschool Screening

We went to Madison's preschool screening today. It went well. I really did not plan on sending her to preschool this fall, but I wanted to make sure that she was where she needs to be developmentally. We also learned some thing we need to work on.

First, the kid cannot catch. I did not know this. I guess Bill knew this. So we will need to work on this. She also cannot hop on one foot or skip.

Next, she does not hold a pencil correctly. I did not know this either. However, I know why this is an issue for her. I am right handed. Bill is left handed. See the problem?

She knew the majority of her body parts. The ones she didn't know were like heel and forehead. Not ones you work on everyday.

She did know her name and that she was a girl. She also knew she was 3 (aff). Thank goodness they did not ask where she lives. Her answer to that question is “the beach”. Let me tell you, Chicago is no beach. LOL

She got all of the color except for grey. However, when they asked her to point to something grey she did.

She knew all her shapes. She was also able to take blocks and build them in the patterns they wanted her too.

She didn't know what she was suppose to do if she broke something. Surprisingly, at home (aff), she knows. LOL She did know if it was dark that you turned the light on.

They also did a hearing test that she passed.

That's all I can remember right now, but like I said, it went well. I am not too concerned about the things we have to work on.

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  1. When Grace has her 4-year wellchold check I was alarmed that she was unable to replicate some of shapes they asked her to draw. She also refused to draw a detailed picture of a person. I thought she could do all of those thing. Mostly, though, she is on target. I do have her in pre-school and it has helped. This fall she will go to the VPK, which is the voluntary pre-K program in Florida. The state pays for the actual hours of cirriculum she will be in each week, which is like 15.

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