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Prima Princessa Presents The Nutcracker

If you are looking for a great video for this holiday season for the princess in your house, Prima Princessa Presents The Nutcracker (aff) is the video you need.  This DVD is an adventure filled with snow fairies, toy soldiers, sugarplums, and sweets.  It definitely puts you in the mood for holiday cheer!  As a mom, you'll recognize the scenes from the “Nutcracker”.  What Madison loved the most from this video is that they show you real dance steps.  Madison loves pretending, and this shows her the correct ballerina steps.  She even tells the girls at school about it!

The DVD is only 40 minutes which is great for ages 3 (aff)-6 and their attention spans.  The DVD also costs only $12.99, so it's very affordable.  Most of all, your little princess will definitely feel part of the story and truly opens their imaginations up.


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