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Private vs. Public School: The Decision

As I have written many times on here, my husband and I have been struggling to figure out what we should do about Madison's schooling for next year.  For those of you who haven't been along for the whole ride, let be give you the short story.

My school district for a lack of a better term sucks.  They have cut music, art, and all extracurriculars.  We have went to referendum 3 (aff) times to get more money for the schools, and it has failed 3 (aff) times.  Needless to say, it's not going through.  The school has no teacher's aides and trying to get the school to tell me how many kids they have in their kindergarden class has been like pulling teeth.  I have yet to get an answer from them besides they won't let the class size get up to more than 30 kids.

The private school we are looking at has 18 kids in the kindergarden class with a teacher's aide.  It will be all day.  It also has gym, computer, art, and music one day a week.  They have answered all of my questions, and I do like what we have been told.  I've visited the school twice, and Madison and I have been there together once.

We decided until our school district gets their rear in gear that the best place for Madison is the private school.  We've already enrolled her for the fall.  The rules seem a tad strict to me, but everybody keeps tell me that's good.  I do think that has to do with the rebel in me.  LOL  Bill read through the handbook and found nothing wrong or restrictive.  Wish us luck and I hope kindergarden goes well!

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2 thoughts on “Private vs. Public School: The Decision

  1. My wife and I have recently been struggling that state as well with the same situation. Recently our referendum was passed which stopped parents from getting vouchers to send their children to private schools. It's a bummer because the public schools as you can tell have no incentive to provide you with any information or get you to go to there school. My wife and I are also pretty much forced to send our kids to private schools because of the same circumstances your in. Good luck and I hope public schools can straighten things out soon!

  2. Hi Lisa- the private school seems like the best option to me especially compared to the public school you described.

    I homeschool my kids part time. They go to school in the morning and I teach them in afternoon and nights.

    The school they go to is a little strict but I've found that that is a good thing because it makes it very clear that certain behaviors aren't acceptable -like hitting or biting. That will be a protection for your child. Bullies won't be tolerated so that is the positive aspect of things.

    I do agree that certain rules are a pain though-LOL It's taken me a while to get used to their "rules". Once they adapt things get much easier.

    I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun.



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