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For the last couple of weeks, we have been trying out a projector from Projector123. Let's just say that it has been such a big hit in our house that Bill now wants to buy one.

Can you guess the movie on the left? It's Cars. That picture is on one of my walls in the basement. We didn't have any white walls to use, so that picture is on a blue wall. It made it slightly darker (we shined it on the white door to see the difference). I'll be honest — I was impressed. The picture was so clear and crisp. It also was huge! I wouldn't have needed my contacts to see it!

Now, I didn't take a picture of this but we set this up with our PlayStation 2 (aff). Madison tried both Star Wars Legos and Indiana Jones Legos on here. It was awesome. The characters were taller than Will. He just ran up and down the wall touching the characters. It was quite humorous to watch (and I should have video taped it but I didn't think of it at the time!)

After the kids were in bed, Bill and I tested it out with a non-kid friendly movie. Madison and Will's movie were made to be crisp and clear. How would a real movie hold up?

You should be able to guess this movie pretty easily. I took this picture from the side to show you how movie theater like it was. We just hooked up two speakers, and it was like being in the theater (we were just missing the popcorn).

Even though we used this for a lot of fun movie nights at my house, there are so many more uses for it. I have seen these used at weddings, graduation parties, and memorial services that I have been too. Its a great way to show a montage of pictures easily. At the rate of $99 for a weekend, you can't go wrong. They FedEx it to you and they even give you a return label to FedEx it back!

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  1. We have a projector set up in our living room and we just love it! It is cheaper than most tvs, easy to move and makes movie night so much fun. We get popcorn and candy and it is better than the theatre. We have a lot of fun playing the Wii on it too, it makes for a great experience

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