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This is one of Madison's new favorite shows. It is on Toon Disney, and I swear it is one of the weirdest cartoons I have ever seen. However, Madison absolutely adores it.  She actually goes around singing the theme song all the time for this show.

Pucca is the main character. I think she is in love with Garu, and she spends the entire cartoon chasing him around trying to kiss him. Garu is trying to become the ultimate ninja and like any boy does not want anything to do with Pucca. He spends a lot of time hiding from Pucca. Abya is Pucca's friend. Bill calls him the Bruce Lee wannabee. He is always trying to do ninja moves, but something funny happens like his pants fall down. Ching is Pucca's other best friend, and she walks around with a chicken on her head.  The show is basically about these friends and their adventures together (and Pucca trying to give Garu a kiss on the check).

If you want a fairly cute cartoon for your kids to watch, this is a good one.  It is cute even though mommy doesn't really get the point of it.

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