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Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship

The Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship is a hit in my house.  It is a toy for ages 1 and up.  However, Will, my three year old loves it!  When pulled, it even plays a buccaneer tune.  It even has a trap door (which I love because you can fit the blocks you aren't using into it!).  The cannon even works too!  It also includes treasure chest accessory, quick-release trapdoor leading to a holding cell on the back of the ship and a secure place for block storage.  It also comes with 2 (aff) pirate characters, ship monkey, and 1 shark figurines. It is fun on its own or with other Maxi and Play N Go products.

This is a toy that has gotten a lot of play in my house.  My kids love it.  Mom (that's me) loves it.  I can only recommend it!

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