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Puss In Boots

Do you remember the classic fairytale Puss In Boots?  Well, this book brings it back to life for the new generation of kids.  This story is about a penniless miller's son and his cat.  The cat changes the fortunes of both of them.  They face several obstacles together, but in the end come out on top.

The story is told brilliantly, and the illustrations are great.  I love a book that doesn't need the words, because the pictures tell the story for you.  This book definitely falls into that category.  Puss In Boots is more geared towards older kids (I'd say kindergarten and up).  I also love that at the end of this book they give you a history of the story and how far back it really goes!  I even learned a thing or two.

If you are looking for a classic book for your kids to read, Puss In Boots fits the bill!

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3 thoughts on “Puss In Boots

  1. My kids became fans of the puss in boots since they saw shrek movies. Now they are more into cats stories, and i just found the perfect book for them! 😉

  2. Now this was one of my favorites as a child but I had forgotten all about it until I saw your blog. This would be a great gift paired with a Shrek DVD.

  3. Lol…I totally forgot about Puss In Boots until I read this post, hehe. Thanks for reminding me…going to have to pick up this book for Christmas, I think!


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