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Rango Must Read Books

Rango is the coolest chameleon in the Wild West and star of Sterling Children’s Books’ brand new laugh-out-loud stories adapted from the star-studded animated family feature film. Rango rides to the rescue in four hilarious new books which feature captivating behind-the-scenes artwork used to create the movie’s groundbreaking animation.  We haven't seen the movie here yet, but let me tell you, these books want to make me run out and see this.  The books are phenomenal!

In Rango The Novel, a chameleon aspires to be a swashbuckling hero finds himself in Dirt, a town plagued by bandits, and is forced to literally play the role in order to protect the critters who call it home (aff). The book contains behind the scenes art, and is perfect for Madison's age group (7 year olds). The book is broken down into chapters that are just the right length. The book is easy enough for Madison to read on her own. It's also exciting enough to hold both my kids attention!
I can't tell you how much I love this book. Rango The Movie Storybook is a book I don't even want to share with my kids. The graphics are awesome, and awesome doesn't describe how cool they are. You can tell the whole story just from the pictures! Yes, they are that good. However, the story is pretty good look. Like Rango The Novel, the story is easy enough for Madison to read. It held both Madison and Will's attention pretty good too. This book also includes behind the scenes art.

If you've seen the movie, these are must get book. If you haven't like me, you will feel the need to find the closest theater playing Rango. Regardless of the movie, these are both excellent books!


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5 thoughts on “Rango Must Read Books

  1. Quite an impressive review regarding the books.This book out for the small children or the people who loves interesting things these book would best out for them..

  2. I just saw the movie and found it too violent for young children. I actually prescreened it and did not allow my daughter to see it. (guns throughout, death, dark/depressing, swearing and other inappropriate language). I am curious if this is left out of the books targeted to kids. I couldn't imagine a picture book for kids with swearing and gunfights (esp. those claimed to be for 4-8 yr olds).
    Wouldn't make for nice bed time reading.

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