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Reach for The Stars

Do you know anyone about to embark on a life journey? Graduating from school? A new job? If so, Reach for the Stars is a must get book for them.  This book is about taking a journey, what you may come across along the way, and how you will overcome.  It's a book with a great message to both kids and adults alike.  The illustrations are simple, but still gets the point across.  It's a great message to teach your kids — no matter what comes your way, you will succeed.

This is a book I'll definitely be buying more copies of to give away as gifts.  I highly recommend it.

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4 thoughts on “Reach for The Stars

  1. I think so too! I really thing the illustration is pretty cute. Kind of reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon. I love that book also.

  2. My oldest child is graduating on May 15th. I'm a huge book addict so I can totally see getting this for him 🙂 Along with his laptop. Thanks for the recommendation!!

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