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Read Kiddo Read

foodUnless you have read the book, it is really hard to pick out books for other people. At least, I have that problem a lot. I love being able to read about a book before I buy it, and I now have found a site that allows me to do that.  ReadKiddoRead does just that.  It is a great site to find out about books you were wondering about.  It is also great for books that you've never heard off.  After seeing the cover of the book to the left and reading its review, I now want to pick that up for my kids.  You can easily sort through the books by age.  ReadKiddoRead has a great selection for all the age groups they represent.  If you find books that you like, they also have a list of other books you should check out.  The site even lists where you can find the books too!

Using this site is a great way to research books.  My kids love to read, and I know I'll be reading the reviews before I buy them anymore books.  We have tried to install a love of reading into them.  They actually have a larger book collection that I do, so we must be doing something right.

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