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Red Toolbox

There are some brands that I absolutely love.  Red Toolbox is one of those brands.  They have created a product line that my kids absolutely love and mom (that's me) likes too.  Red Toolbox is a complete world of tools specifically designed to suit a child's grip, complemented by a wide selection of original woodworking kits and a workbench. These woodworking projects for kids teach and apply various skills according to the level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).  Since these tools are designed for my kids grip, I personally feel a lot safer with them using them (instead of my husband's tools which often times are too big and too heavy).

I love the kits they have too.  It is so easy for your kids to make things for your home (aff) and/or gifts.  Your kids will have a ton of pride, because they were able to make it themselves!  Red Toolbox also makes it easy to spend quality times with your kids (especially dads who don't know how to relate to their daughters.)  It combines teaching, learning, and love.  What's not to like about that?

My kids got to try out a couple of the kids.  My advice is that you start at the level one kit as your your first kit (we did a birdhouse) especially if you haven't done any woodworking with your kids.  It'll help the frustration level, and it will give your kids a better understand of how to use their tools and how to use the tools to put a project together.  It also gives them better confidence for when they do a level 2 (aff) project like the jewellery case.  Madison loved making something she could use in her own room.  (Though I do think that this project would make a great Mother's Day or Christmas gift).

If you are looking for something you can do with your kids, I would highly recommend checking out Red Toolbox!

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  1. My son and I would both love a kit like this. He loves building things (especially if he gets to use a real hammer) and I have always wanted to learn simple woodworking. Glad to know about Red Toolbox.

  2. The Red Toolbox seem to be a great box for keeping all the children's tools. Children can Do everything as long as a grown up are with them and make sure they do it right.

  3. Woodworking is a great hobby for children to get into. They can start off with basic projects and learn the methods and techniques they will need to progress to more complicated projects.

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