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Redakai Giveaway

This fall, a new game is being introduced called Redakai. It is a collectible 3-D trading card game that is in conjunction with the series on Cartoon Network.

Redakai is a game that can be played in many ways. There is version that is more basic and then you have the most complex tournament level. This allows almost every age to play Redakai. Each pack comes with Character, Monster, and Attack cards, so you are able to play right out of the pack. Packs are the easiest way to add to your collection and to discover new powers. The Starter Packs come with 2 power packs and a portable battlefield designed to look just like the X-reader seen in the show.

Thoughts? The cards are pretty cool. You can spend quite a while just playing with the 3D cards. The game itself is pretty easy to play also. Unlike other trading card games, you don't have to keep track of damage, power upgrades, etc on paper or in your head. Instead, your base level is your player card. When you get attacked, you place the action card on top and the overlay changes the health and appearance of the player. You just keep stacking to wipe the card out.  It's easy enough for the younger crowd and yet fun for the older kids.

Since we enjoyed this game so much, I've arranged for one lucky reader to get their own Power Pack.  Here's what you need to do:

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