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Responsibility Project

Don't you wish the kids nowadays were more responsible?  I know that I hear that a lot from older people.  When you have younger children like me, now is the time to install that.  Liberty Mutual has made that a little bit easier for us parents.  They created a series of short little films for you and your kids to watch called The Responsibility Project.  Thanks to Mom Central who told us about these awesome films, Madison and I watched several of them.  I found that because they were short, she was able to pay attention to the movie.  She also found The Hot Seat quite funny (which it was because anyone who has worked in an office has seen this very thing happen). They were able to show how not taking responsibility for something can truly make a bigger mess of things. They also showed how it makes people happy when you do take responsibility.  I am going to try and embed the Hot Seat so you can watch the video with you little ones too.  Little stories like this can go along way.

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  1. This is excellent, as mentioned in the above post, if we could get adults to watch this cartoon it might solve a lot of problems.

    Oh and excellent Blog.

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