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Ringling Brothers Circus

I've been meaning to get this post up, but Will's been sick again (hence the lack of posts again.  It's hard to put a couple of thoughts together when you are living on less than 4 hrs of nonstraight sleep a night).  That being said I have to tell you about the circus.

My kids had never been to the circus before this.  Bill and I hadn't been in the circus in years.  I'm glad to report that we were happily surprised! There were a lot of things we remembered from the circus, but it has changed!

As always, there were clowns:

I didn't remember dancing at all when I was younger, but it was very cool:

I did remember elephants and my kids loved them too:

Though I didn't remember magic before, but it was pretty cool:

They even had people shooting out of cannons:

As you can see, there was a ton to watch.  My kids loved the circus and mom and dad enjoyed it too!  Madison's favorite part was the magic, and Will loved the elephants.  I think this is a show we will attend next year!  If it hasn't come to your town yet, make sure you get tickets.  You won't be disappointed.

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7 thoughts on “Ringling Brothers Circus

  1. I always want to take my boys to the circus and somehow we never manage to get there. One year we actually had tickets, but Dylan got sick with a bad asthma attack and we didn't go. Someday we'll make it!

  2. Looks like you had fun! I haven't been to the RB Circus since my kids were little, but now that I have grandkids I'll be looking forward to going again soon!

  3. We went a few years ago when my son was one and my daughter was still an infant. My son was amazed and we really enjoyed it. My daughter slept the whole time and I have no idea how! I haven't heard about them coming this year, but I will have to be on the lookout. The elephants are my favorite!

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