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Rocketfish USB Laptop Cooling Stand

I don't often products that I fall in love with the first day I have them. However, it was love at first sight with this laptop (aff) cooling stand.  I spend a lot of time on my laptop (aff), and anyone who has a laptop knows how hot they get on the bottom.  I actually have a burn mark from my laptop on my leg (and yes I am serious, I really do).  I have been trying to find something, anything that would help me out.  This cooling stand is exactly what I was looking for.  The size of the cooling stand is perfect.  It adds a small amount of height to your laptop and that's it.  My favorite part is that the fan is run by the USB port on your laptop.  I saw many versions of these cooling stands that made you plug it in to get it to work.  Personally, I have a laptop, so I am not tethered to the wall.  Why would I want a device that makes me stuck in one spot?  The fan cools down the bottom of the laptop, and it almost feels like your legs have their own air conditioner.  If you are having laptop heating issues like I was, I highly recomment one of these cooling stands.

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One thought on “Rocketfish USB Laptop Cooling Stand

  1. I always get burn marks from my laptop. I've actually looked into buying a cooling stand, but never thought they would actually work! Glad to hear your one isn't too bulky, that was my main worry when I saw one in an electronics store.

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