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Roman Town

Roman Town is a computer game that turns your kids into archaeologists.  You get to go to a digging site and learn all about archaeological techniques and ancient history.  The creator of this game is a archeologist, so this is very true to life.  I love how they weaved history right into the game, so your kids don't even realize that they are learning.  They actually get to use all the different tools to dig and find objects!  They also learn what the objects were used for.  The game is also filled with fun puzzles and mini-games.

The game does require you to analyze and explore all the while you are having fun.  It's a great hands-on learning experience.  Madison is 7, and this game is a favorite of hers.  She is able to see what the ancient people left behind and how they used it.  She gets to have them talk to her and tell her all about their lives.  Mom even learned a few things!

Roman Town is a fun history lesson disguised as a computer game.  Your kids will learn without realizing it and having a ton of fun.  What better way to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills?

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  1. Strange timing of seeing this as I was watching the TV documentary of the "last days of Pompeii" this evening. This seems like a cool game, I think I need something light after all that drama….

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