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The Safe Dog Handbook

As a new dog owner, I am always looking for books to help me learn about my new dog.  However, The Safe Dog Handbook is a book for both new and old dog owners alike.

Each year, thousands of dogs are hurt by many preventable accidents.  This is the complete safety book.  The Safe Dog Handbook shows you how to dog proof your home (aff) both inside and out.  It has foods and plants you need to watch out for, and it even has a completely illustrated emergency first aid guide.  There is even travel tips for both your car and flying.  Best of all, after reading this book, your dog will have a better chance of staying safe because you know how to spot hazards, prevent accidents, and respond to emergencies!

I found this book written in a fashion that everyone could understand it.  It flowed well, and it is very easy to find what you are looking for in the book.  I learned a lot of information, and my husband (who has had dogs all his life) learned a few things too!  If you have a dog owner in your life, this is a book they must read!

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  1. I agree that this book is not just intended for new dog owner but also for those who own a dog in a quiet long time..Maybe because there are some things that a dog owner should know aside from those basic things on taking care of dogs..This is a great book especially that it will teach the dog owners on how to deal wuth their pet on different situations.

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