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Safety Caps

How many of you are parents and still have electrical outlet plugs on your electrical outlets?  My house is personally covered with them.  However, the bad thing about regular outlet plugs is their size!  How many of you had your kids put them in their mouth??!!??  For keeping things out of your outlets, they work great.  However, as a choking hazard, they are one of the worst things to have in your house!  I have watched both my children put them in their mouths.  Then you have to go and retrieve them from their mouths leading to a tramatic experience for all involved.

That being said there is an awesome product on the market that solves this problem.  Safety Caps are bigger than the traditional outlet plug, so your children are not able to stick the whole thing in their mouth.  If for some reason they are able to get the whole thing in there, there are two holes in there to aid in breathing.  The dad who designed his had his own daughter choke on a regular outlet plug, so he knew he had to do something so it never happened again to another family.

The things I definitely like about this product are almost too numerous to count.  First, my kids can't choke on it.  Second, the color is awesome.  It actually blends in really well with our electrical covers, so you almost can't even tell that I have my outlet covered.  Its a small thing, but it does look prettier.  Lastly, the price rocks!  For $9.99 (plus $2 (aff).97 shipping and handling), you can outfit your whole house by using this coupon!  My regular ones were more than that!  I know that my children's safety is definitely worth that.

If you have little ones or know someone who does, this is a product that is both safe and can save lives.  This can make a great gift for a new mom or just making your own house safer.

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  1. WOW! That's one smart dad there! I don't have this worry any more because I have ornery teens now…LOL! But OMG, those little round ones were what they had when my kids were small and they scared the CRAP out of me! We ended up getting these things that actually when over the entire outlet. They're hard to explain/describe, but WOW were they expensive. This is another one of those items where I can say "No fair, they didn't have that when MY kids were little"….LOL! Great child safety product at a really good price, that's something you can't beat with a stick!

  2. I can remember when I was little, the only electrical outlets that were capped were the ones in the bathroom. The rest of the ones in the house were either out of reach or tactfully hidden behind a couch.

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