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San Diego

I miss San Diego. My trip to the Sony Mommy Blogger Event was awesome. I have never been to California before and San Diego was an awesome introduction. It was beautiful there. Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of “free” time for ourselves, so we didn't get to explore too much. However, from my room, I could see a fashion show going on on the roof of another hotel. I could hear the san diego dj clear as day in my room. He was actually pretty good. He kept the crowd entertained (and me too for that matter). The show was for a younger crowd (since it looked like they were modeling prom dresses), but the music was definitely for all ages. I hope to make it back to San Diego soon. After checking with some locals, there is definitely a lot of things we can do with our kids there.

7 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. San Diego is a great place. Every time I've been there the weather has been awesome. Where did you come up with the graphic at the top of your page? I love it! I found your site through courtneytuttle. It's great!

  2. There's actually an event for mom bloggers? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it is a large field and there's always someone to put something like that together.

  3. San Diego is just beautiful .I have been there one time and i wish i could live there…this beautiful weather. Here in germany its too cold 😀

  4. San Diego is a great place to visit with your family. We usually go during the summer and the weather is wonderful. If your kids like animals, you might want to take them to the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park or SeaWorld. These are all great places to visit.

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