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Say the Time

Am I the only person who gets lost when online? I start to do something, get distracted, and all of a sudden it is several hours later and I have not yet done what I originally set out to do. I find myself doing this more and more. What is really bad is that I sometimes go into this zone while Madison is at preschool. I have to leave by a certain time to pick her up on time. I have never completely forgotten her (yet), but I have cut it close to picking her up late (plus, the days that I am running late I seem to always get stuck by a train too!). I found this place that I can get an alarm clock software download. This may be the product that I need. I am able to set up alarms, reminders, and virtual sticky notes, so I won't be late picking Madison up and I won't forget what I am trying to do. There is even a free 30 day trial to see if this product is what you need! I also love that you can use this as a calender also. My weekly schedule is seriously jam packed between Madison's school schedule and doctor's appointments. I currently just use my head to keep it all straight, but now that I am 3o, my memory is not what it use to be.

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