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Scholastic Printable Worksheets

Did your kids get assigned homework over the summer? Madison did! She is suppose to work on journalling, reading, and math. However, she hates flashcards with a passion. (I don't blame her either. They are sooo boring, and if she doesn't learn well with them, what's the point?). However, she loves to do worksheets. That is where Scholastic Printable Worksheets comes into play!

Scholastic Printables provides access to over 15,000 teaching worksheets and printable resources for students from Pre-K to 8th grade. Their printable worksheets offer a wide range of topics to cover all subjects and themes throughout the school year. Their printables can be used for in class curriculums, home (aff) schooling, or enchancing and complementing children's education before and after school.

For us, we use the Third Grade Math Worksheets. We are able to print off sheets that deal with what she learned in second grade (adding and subtracting) and are able to start working with what she will learn this school year (multiplication). It is a great supplement if your kids are struggling and need that added practice.

Scholastic Printable Worksheets are a great fit for our family (well, for Madison). Hopefully, they will help keep the brain drain from occurring in your house this summer!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I will use some of these to keep my kids multiplication tables current. They always forget so much over the summer.

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