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SCOTT Naturals Giveaway

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Charlene Kuser. Congrats!

productTissuePrintCouponI am all about saving the planet for my kids.  Actually, I used environmentally safe products when I could before I had them, but I definitely search them out now.  SCOTT is brand we have used before, so it's nice to see that they now have joined in on making the Earth a better place.  The bath tissue, towels and napkins include a blend of recycled and virgin fiber.  For example, the bath tissue includes 40 percent recycled fiber, towels 60 percent and napkins 80 percent. Scott Naturals flushable wipes are made with 100 percent of fibers derived from sustainable resources and natural Aloe Vera.

I’ve teamed up with SCOTT Naturals to offer one lucky reader a Green Gift Bag – a reusable tote filled with SCOTT Naturals™ product coupons, a reusable water bottle, green light bulbs, and cleaning products from Clorox Green Works.

To enter, leave a comment below letting us know one step you’re taking to go green at home (aff).  (If you need some ideas, check out these You Tube Videos about how to green your home.)

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This contest will end September 17th at noon CST! Good Luck!!


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0 thoughts on “SCOTT Naturals Giveaway

  1. I avoid buying anything disposable, and have stopped buying disposable party goods for birthdays and holidays. We use reuseable plates and our own dishes and silverware. No more clogging the Earth with bags and bags of unnecessary waste.

  2. We use twisty lightbulbs, recycle, use fans instead of air (except on 90+ degree days) and I have a small compost pile in the back yard. We even grow some of our own veggies.

  3. We buy local, compost food scraps, skip the bottled water and use our filtered tap water, eat vegetarian, hang clothes to dry rather than using the dryer, and frequent our local library.

  4. I now use reusable grocery bags and we use a water faucet filtration system to save on bottled water. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I use reusable grocery bags, buy products in recycled packaging as often as possible, and primarily use natural cleaning products around the house. And we recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and laundry detergent bottles.

  6. We have eliminated bottled water and had a water purifier installed. Also, I reuse paper towels that have been used just to dry hands to wipe counters after cooking dinner.

  7. We compost,recycle,use a rainbarrel to collect water for the flowers,buy organic and local food,walk to where we have to go as much as possible,use tote bags for groceries and hang our clothes outside during the spring,summer and fall.

  8. We have been making our own cloths washing detergent. It is great to know exactly what we wash our cloths with. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. We changed our lightbulbs to the curlicue kind almost 3 years ago. Money-saving as well asd planet-saving! Thanks!

  10. I use my reusable bags 100% of the time – even if it means going back to the car to get them or throwing all the groceries in the trunk because the bags are at home. I recycle everything, use the energy saving lightbulbs (and recycle them at Home Depot), do all my laundry at one time, plan my errands around my kids' schedules to save gas, and I turn off all the lights in the house that my husband leaves ON!!!

  11. I do a lot of different things but the biggest I think would be I line dry my clothes. It helps them last longer and saves on electricity

  12. I reuse everything possible; jars, plastic cups, paper bags. I try to buy as little plastic product and packaging as possible. I carry my own shopping bags everywhere. I recycle practically everything. I compost the rest.
    I am a subscriber. I love your site!

  13. stopped buying water and went with Brita filter some years back. Started using microfiber cleaning cloths which are used simply wet without any cleaners. They do an amazing job with kitchen appliances.

  14. I use only green cleaning products, recycle, and I'm volunteering for ecological retoration at our local parks.

  15. We unplug things when not in use and switched to the newer light bulbs. We also use reusable grocery bags when we shop.

  16. We are reusing, using up and even in the case of shampoo, etc. watering down — less we use, more we save the planet (and of course it also helps the pocketbook!)

  17. I am recycling and purchasing recycled products wherever possible. I am also using cleaners that are better for the environment.

  18. We recycle everything possible and have switched to refillable water bottles instead of disposable. Recently we have gotten some cloth napkins too in hopes of cutting down on our paper towel usage.

  19. I use CFL's, bring reuseable bags to the grocery store, and am avoiding plastic in everything! It's my resolution for the year to be more eco responsible.

  20. I have changed all of the lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones, the shower heads in the bathroom have been changed to more water conservative ones, we recycle any and everything we can and I buy recycled paper products.

  21. I reuse and recycle by buying almost all clothing and household items used. Nothing goes to the landfill and I'm not creating more pollution by contributing to the manufacture and transportation of new products.
    I also take my cloth bags to the grocery and feel great about how many plastic bags I've not brought home with me!

  22. We do several things in our home to help green up
    we use clothes instead of paper towels
    we use wash clothes as napkins

  23. I use micro fiber cloths to clean my windows, no need for paper towels or glass cleaner. I get clear streak free windows every time using them too.

  24. One new thing we started this summer was a compost pile. We're planning a big garden next year and we don't want to use chemicals in it. Composting also reduces what we send to the landfill.

  25. we have a compost pile and changed all our light blubs, and i hang my clothes out on the line, so i dont have to use my dryer.

  26. I use Tupperware snack cups for everything in my daughter's lunch bag and she knows any plastic comes home to recycle. My family recycles everything.

  27. We are all riding our bikes instead of driving, we are changing out the old light bulbs, recycle, and going paperless.

  28. I've dramatically reduced the number of cleaning products I use by getting mostly multi purpose, natural cleaning products.

  29. To go green, we have eliminated paper towels and napkins, and disposable wraps/covers/lunchbox containers. We use CFLs and have everything on power strips, which we shut off when not in use. We recycle, Freecycle, and compost.

  30. I made my family switch to reusable bottles for water and I am getting ready to host a clothing swap with my friends to swap kids clothing.

  31. Just one thing we do? 😉

    We recycle, OF COURSE! We use reusable products everywhere possible. We use CFL bulbs. We hang dry our clothes. We open windows and doors to get fresh cooler air vs. using the a/c. We unplug things so they don't use ANY electricity at all!

    And on and on.. 😉

  32. We are slowly changing to the energy efficient light bulbs. We also planted our first garden this year. We did pretty well too!

  33. I'm starting to make my own soaps, cleaners, and spa products, to try to cut down the amount of harsh chemicals I use.

  34. A few of the thing we do in my house are recycle trash, use flourescent light bulbs, use reusable shopping bags, and plan most shopping for one day a week to use less gas.

  35. I always recycle, I catch rainwater to water my plants, planted melons and squash with the seeds I took out of ones I bought last year, hang out my clothes all year long, bought "green" dishwashing liquid, and used wood from an old picnic table to build a doorframe & little door for under my back porch whe re I keep my lawn tools.

  36. I wash a full load when I wash even though there is only me. I cook on my George Forman grill most of the time and then I make enough for two meals if it is at all possible. I use a reuseable grocery bag instead of peper and plastic. I get a monthly check so I try to do all my shopping, get a hair cut, go to the libary and the bank all in one trip.

  37. I am recycling cans. It helps by decreasing the amount of trash in the landfills and I get money for recyling the aluminium.

  38. One thing I did was switch from my favorite Scott bath tissues to a brand that uses recycled paper. I'm glad to see Scott has developed this new line and I'll definitely try them. Reusable bags have eliminated the need to choose from "plastic or paper" at the grocery.

  39. We recycle everything we can, plant a garden, use electric lawn mower and weed wacker and keep the air high and the heat low! Also trying to move towards washable napkins!

  40. one of the way we at our home have gone green is that we bought a low flow shower head that uses about 2.5 gallons a min, turned on full blast. i never have it on full blast. the pressure is good on it where i don't have to. it saves so much water that way. 💡

  41. Our family recycles everything we can and we also have worked hard on decreasing our use of disposable items and replacing them with reusable items. Thanks. :mrgreen:

  42. We have stopped purchasing water, soda, etc. in plastic bottles. Maybe not as convenient, but definitely cleaner! 😎

  43. We are using cloth grocery and lunch bags,recycling and turning the water off while brushing our teeth and soaping up in the shower.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.