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Scrabble Turbo Slam Giveaway!

With having a seven year old who is this year is having spelling tests and vocabulary reviews, I am on the lookout for things that makes learning fun yet reinforces what she's learning in school.  She's also smart enough to know when we are letting her win, so it gets harder and harder to find games that do that.  However, I think we have a winner with Scrabble Turbo Slam.

To play the game, turn the  “Turbo Slam” unit on. Instead of tiles, you have playing cards that are double-sided with letters printed on both sides.  A four letter word gets placed on the table, and then you deal out the rest of the cards and start the timer.  Each player places cards as fast as they can to make new words from the original.  When a “turbo” sound is played, the first player to slap the top of the box gets to draw one of the “game changing cards” which instructs the player to pass a number of his letter cards to other players or to take cards from the other players.  This “turbo” sound is what levels the playing field.  Madison giggles every time it goes off.  There is also communal slapping of the Turbo Unit that is not only encouraged but required.

This isn't the board game Scrabble.  If that's what you are looking for, you will be disappointed.  As a kids game though, my kids love it!  It has made spelling fun in our house.   It is loud, but it is fun.

Since we like this game so much, I've arranged for one lucky reader to get one of their own!  Here's what you need to do:


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