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Scrunch Bottle Bibs

FrontStoreWith having a new baby in the family (my sister, not me), I am finding all the cool new baby products out there. I often find myself questioning why some of these products weren't out when my kids were little (and my kids are 5 and 2 (aff)!). It is amazing all of the new things that come out. It's also amazing to see what other women come up with to help us moms out.

The Scrunch Bottle Bib was not designed by a mom — instead, it was designed by a caring aunt who couldn't figure out why there wasn't a product out there to keep your baby's neck dry while they feed.  Anyone who has bottle fed a baby remembers how much the baby seems to get in them equals the same amount they get all over them.  It also seems like the milk (formula, juice, etc) gets stuck in their neck folds which then either smells or gives the baby a nasty rash.

The Scrunch Bottle Bibs are reversible, 100% cotton, and best of all, machine washable.  I seriously can't believe that no one has come up with this baby bibs idea before!  This is such a brilliant idea.  This definitely makes a new moms life easier and makes for a happier baby!

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2 thoughts on “Scrunch Bottle Bibs

  1. This is a very interesting product. I'm with you, my youngest son is now 5 and back when he was still using bottles, the only way to keep him clean was to carry a little wash cloth over his chest. Thanks for the review.

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