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Seasonal Changes

When we came back from Green Bay last weekend, we started getting to work getting ready for Will's birthday which is coming up very soon (I've only got 2 weekends left to get a ton of work done!!!!)  We decided that we wanted to pull my curio cabinet out of the basement (though I could really use some Corner Etageres instead — right now I've got it angled in the corner and it is such a waste of space!).  We put my water globes, plates, figurines, and my Thomas Kincade items in there.  I have to admit that it really does look pretty nice.  Unfortunately, we did have to move Bill's rocker recliner downstairs (which is he super excited about) into the man cave.  However, the chair was so large that I can probably put up 3 cardtable chairs up in its spot when we have company!  We also moved a ton of pictures around too (which had to be done since Bill bought me a big screen TV for the living room for my birthday.  The TV is now where 3 pictures use to be).  By moving some of our artwork (one piece is now hanging in my bedroom) and pictures around, it has made a big difference.  I even cleaned off the top of our huge IKEA bookshelf, and we put picture up there too!

Do you rearrange your rooms when the seasons change?  (Or am I the only weird one that does that?)

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