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Sedona, here we come

At this time on Friday, we will be sitting in Georgia waiting for our plane to Sedona (actually, we fly into Phoenix).  I know, it makes no sense that we have to fly from Chicago to Georgia and then to Phoenix, but that's what we have to do.  What really sucks is that we have to be at the airport at 4 am!  Anybody want to drive us?  lol  What I am really having to figure out is if we need to pack shorts or not.  Anybody want to drive us?

We definitely need to get away.  Madison pretty much ran a 104 temp all day yesterday.  Today, we are down to 100.  Also, our sump pump quit working too.  Well, actually, the sump pump works fine.  The pipe that the water goes into isn't.  The sump pump runs and the water doesn't drain out of the pit.  Bill figures there is ice in the line.  He threw some salt in there, but that didn't do anything.  Fun times, let me tell you, fun times.

I am getting over my guilt for leaving.  I am actually getting a little excited.  However, I need the kids to get better, so we can go.  I can't leave 2 (aff) sick kids for my mother in law to take of (it would be nice but I'm not that mean).  I am pretty sure Madison just has a cold.  It'll just be a matter of time for her to get over this.

Keeping my fingers crossed and going to see if I can find the temperature for Sedona . . . .

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