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Regardless to how you feel about the wars we are in, I know that most of us support the troops. We all have different ways to show it too. I know many people send care packages to those overseas. One of those people that I like to help is Mrs. Jacky. She is a teacher at our local Park District, and she collects donations to send to our local soldiers. She started this in 2003, and I know they've sent out over 2000 packages! I always donate what I can to her. (The easiest donation is those little containers of shampoo and lotion you get at hotels. I grab those and give them to her to send over all the time!). Bill also has some extended family members that have served. I also have many online friends whose husbands are in the military (and I wonder (aff) every day how they do it!). I'd be amazed if my readers also didn't have the military touch them in some way like my family.

Cheerios has made it super easy to sendCheer to our troops. Many of us understand we wouldn't have the freedom we do if it wasn't for our soldiers and their families that have sacrificed so much for us. However, many of us don't know exactly how to express our thanks. That's where Cheerios has stepped in.

When you buy specially marked Cheerios boxes, they come with postcards addressed to the USO. You can write a special note of thanks, add a stamp, and send off to the USO (the postcards come preaddressed). You don't have to personally know a military family to be involved in this awesome campaign. The USO will then distribute these postcards to military families. You will be making a strangers day.

How do you support our military? Will you be buying a box of Cheerios?

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