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Sesame Street USB Drive

Can you tell me how to . . . . . . . get one of those USB Drives?

That's the question I get nowadays when moms see this really cool new gadget from Sesame Street.  You can literally take your favorite Sesame Street character wherever you go.  Basically (for the one you see in the picture), it works like this.  Big Bird's head is the USB drive.  You just take the cover off and plug it into your computer.  It is so easy that my 3 (aff) year old can do it without any help (even though his six year old sister kept offering).  The drive is waterproof, dust proof, and drop proof.  It can withstand almost anything a three year old can put it through (and my 3 (aff) year old did just that).  Also, because the cap is attached, you don't ever have to worry about losing it!  Each drive has it's own movie on it.  It also has the capacity for storing 400 songs, 400 photos, or a virtually unlimited amount of written content.  If you child doesn't like Big Bird, you can also pick from Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Abby Cadabby, Grover, and the Sesame Street sign.  Before I forget, the video content is protected, so they can't accidentally erase it either!

I think these are great.  They are awesome to travel with (super easy to throw in your purse).  They work great for families that only have netbooks (since you don't have disc drive to watch DVDs with).  We've watched our video plenty of times, and I recommend you get some of your own!

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