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Sheryl Crow anyone?

I love when the artists that we know and love come up with new ways for us to enjoy their works. Sheryl Crow is the latest. Bill and I are both fans (yes, even though I do listen to Nine Inch Nails, I do like more mellow stuff like Sheryl Crow). I have lots of great memories of the summer of 1995 and her music (did I just date myself?). When I found out she was working with Soundcheck, we immediately had to go check it out. I have to admit that what they have done is super cool. Soundcheck allows you to get up close and personal with her. You are able to view her live performances and see exclusive behind the scenes stuff. All of this is filmed in HD. She is such an interesting person that you have to enjoy this. I would love to see how she manages to be an A-list superstar and being a mom. Both are full time jobs. She also talks about leaving LA and her new album. It is always interesting to hear what the artists think and feel when they don't have a PR person whispering in their ear. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did.

One thought on “Sheryl Crow anyone?

  1. I love Sheryl Crow also despite the fact that in the UK she has become one of those artists everyone loves to hate. Not sure how or why this happened but she is definitely uncool here and being a Sheryl Crow fan is something most people keep to themselves -weird. Thanks for the Soundcheck link never checked out that site before:-)

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