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I would love to meet Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney and Ted Murphy of Izea at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March. They are offering a flight to Austin (within the continental US), 3 nights hotel, conference pass and $1,000 spending cash to the person who has the best reason they should go. Well, I have 10 reasons. You can pick which one you like best:

10. I've never been to Texas and probably will never go unless I win this trip.

9.  I'm a stay at home (aff) mom of two wonderful children who desperately needs a break. I can easily clear my schedule for this.

8.  Cakeplow

7.  Since I am a PR0 now, I can definitely spend (whoops, I mean use) $1,000.

6.  I already have an IZEA shirt that I got at PostieCon, so you wouldn't have to bring me another one (unless you want).

5.  I have a laptop (aff) so I could live blog the conference.

4.  I could sweet talk advertisers while we are there.  I talked to a couple of advertisers at Blogworld about how great of a company IZEA is.

3.  I would truly enjoy and cherish the time I could spend with the two most important men on the internet.

2 (aff). My birthday is March 20th, so you could just consider it an early birthday present.

1. When I saw Jeremy's picture, I realized we need more licking of bald mens' heads.

That makes excellent reality TV. Courtney may have started a movement.

What do you think?  Do I deserve to go or what?

7 thoughts on “ShoeperStar

  1. Good post for the contest. I think you would make a great Shoeperstar. You would certainly qualify for Shoe Mooney's personal papparazzi. Heck you are the first person I have ever met who has outshot me at an event. Wow. And you even got your hands on the money shot there on the bottom.

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