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Shop Reading Rainbow

I may be dating myself here, but I remember watching Reading Rainbow on TV.  It was on PBS.  Reading Rainbow was a show that was about life lessons and other cultures.  It required us to use our imagination and creativity.

That is why I was excited to hear that there is a site that helps teachers with education media to balance out text book work.  ShopReadingRainbow has over 150 educational DVDs as seen on PBS with free teacher guides available for purchase.  Steve Lenzen, co-founder of Destination Education and ShopReadingRainbow, was also the co-producer of the Emmy award winning Reading Rainbow series.  The site is easy to navigate (just click on the different Reading Rainbow episodes and make your selections. You’ll see the titles, prices, and a brief descriptions before you add them to your cart.)  The DVDs also come with these free educational resources:

  • Theme weeks which are a week’s worth of theme related episodes with lessons plans
  • Curriculum index so you can easily find what you need
  • Accelerated Reader List of Reading Rainbow book titles
  • Research articles on Reading Rainbow
  • Teacher guides consisting of starters, activities, additional reading suggestions, and links

I love that a show that I loved as a child can now be shown to my own kids now to help them learn and enjoy learning.  I'm not a teacher, but I may get a couple of DVDs for family!  With all the garbage on TV nowadays, it's great to see that a classic show can get gotten via DVD!


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