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Shrek Forever After Review

Madison loves trying out new games on our Wii, and Shrek Forever After did not disappoint.  She enjoys games that let you walk around and explore the environment and occasionally have to do tasks.  This fits that bill.  Other players can drop into the action at any time to help with the puzzles or just the exploring.  A big plus for this game is that you can't die (which for a six year old is very important).  Shrek, Fiona, Puss in Boots, and Donkey all have their own unique game skills that you will need throughout the game.  If you are playing in single player mode, you are able to switch between the four characters.  There are optional puzzles which require 2 (aff) players to solve, so there is an incentive to play the game more than once.  I hate to admit it, but I found myself chuckling with some of the dialog that goes on.  We have not seen the movie yet.  However, we were easily able to follow along with the game.

If you ask Madison what she thinks of the game, you get an “awesome”.  This game is rated E10+ for cartoon violence, comic mischief, and mild lyrics.  However, Madison and I had no problems with the game at all.  Shrek Forever After is definitely a winner in our house!

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  1. It seemed like a fun game for me and for any young at heart. I haven't seen the movie either (the latest) as well as the game but maybe that would be a good gift for a little girl. Thanks for sharing, at least I know what's good for someone her age.

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