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Sick Kids Part II

Last weekend, Will was the sick kid. This weekend it was Madison. Saturday morning she started throwing up and spent the day doing that till about 6pm Saturday night. However, I don't think Will and Madison had the same bug. Will had it coming out the other end. He only threw up once (the rest would be classified under spit up). She was a big girl. She didn't freak out or anything. She just did what had to be done.

Unfortunately, when this all started Saturday morning, she threw up all over my love seat. I grabbed her and ran to the bathroom. Unfortunately, when we got in there, she threw up again. I slipped on it. To save her, I did not brace my fall. I think I bruised my tail bone and possibly had a concussion. My rear still hurts today. I can tell you exactly where my tail bone, because it hurts when I walk and sit. My whole back aches. My arms and legs ache. The back of my head still hurts too.

When I went to get out of bed this morning, I couldn't. Bill thought he would have to plug the coffee maker in to get my rear in gear. What he didn't understand was that I really could not get out of bed. He ended up having to help me. I ended up having to lay on my moist heating pad for about two hours. I am hoping that I can get out of bed tomorrow. Bill will be at work if I can't. I am hoping I can get in at my chiropractor's office.

Even though all this happen, I am in good spirits. The Packers won!!!!

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