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Sights Of Your Life #seemoresights

An eye for an eye for an eye.

Eyesight is something very important for my family. For those of you who don't know (which I am going to guess is most of you), both of Bill's grandparents were blind (this was Bill's moms parents). One had detached retinas and the other macular degeneration. And yes, they raised 5 kids blind. Both really didn't know anything different, and they were pioneers. I didn't get to know Bill's grandma before she got Alzheimers, but I did know his grandfather. He could get around Chicago better blind than I can seeing! He was also one of the smartest people I know.

With my kids family history with blindness, we understand how important eye health and eye care is. My kids have gone to the eye doctor since before they were 3 years old. If you have noticed many of the pictures of my kids on my blog, you will find that both my kids wear glasses (my husband and I also do too. However, I wear contacts most of the time.). They both have a lazy eye (there's a big long term for it, but everyone knows it by lazy eye) which can be genetic!

As you can see, taking care of your eyes is so very important to us here which is why I am excited to let everybody know that Transitions Optical has set its sights on Chicago! Transitions Optical, in partnership with Vision Works will be in Chicago at the Taste of Chicago Festival on July 11-15, 2012. Attendees can come by their booth for the Ultimate Sightseeing Experience including free vision screenings for the whole family and the opportunity to get your photo taken in front of a scenic backdrop!

Now, my family and I will be attending the Taste Of Chicago on July 15th just so we can check this out! In this economy, every little bit helps. A free vision screening is more than helpful just to let you know if you do have an issue.

Can you image all the things you would miss without your vision? I'd miss watching my kids swim all day in the pool, seeing their excitement when they catch a fish (which we'll be doing this weekend. Well, we are going fishing. It's the matter if the kids will catch anything. LOL), watching them enjoy the fireworks going off, and all those kinds of things. As much as I love the sites of Chicago (and if you've never done The Ledge here, I highly recommend it!), I'd miss the ability to watch my kids grow up (and make sure my husband dressed them in matching clothes. Not that they have to match, but that their pants actually match their shirts. LOL).

If you agree, make sure you make the Eye Promise, check out the Sight of the Day Photo Contest, and come to the Taste of Chicago and get your free vision screening! (We'll be heading there on July 15th, and I'll be writing up a follow up post afterwards!)

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