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Sikulu & Harambe

sikulu-harambeThe book Sikulu and Harambe By The Zimbezi River: An African version of the Good Samaritan Story is about a spider (Sikulu) and hippo (Harambe). They are in a village when they encounter an old woman. She needs help, but no one was willing to help her except for Sikulu and Harambe. Not only does this book tell a good story, it also gives you a great lesson in the back of the book. There is a listing of the different animals in the book and a little description of each one.  There is also a whole page dedicated to Zambia (which is place I never ever knew that existed till we got this book).  Did you know Zambia is home (aff) to 11 million people?

It never is to easy to install the values of this story to your children.  The illustrations will definitely grab your attention.  My kids love this book, and yours will too!

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