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Silk Plants Direct

Do you have a green thumb? If not, then stores like Silk Plants Direct are your one stop shop to make it look like you do. My mom is one of those people who cannot keep a plant alive (how she managed to keep my sister and myself alive all these years is a miracle LOL). Ok, but seriously, silk plants are definitely the way to go if you have issues with plants especially if you can never seem to remember to water them.

You can get every kind of plant you could ever want for your home (aff) from Silk Palm Trees (which my sister and husband are going to have to get because they are huge palm tree fans. I even game them a palm tree cookie cutter for Christmas, but shhhhh she hasn't opened it yet!) to topiary to outdoor plants. They literally have something for everyone. I know that sounds cliche, but they do! I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find something that would look great in your home (aff)!

They have over two decades building custom plants for exteriors and interiors of offices, retailers, homes, and other large commercial spaces. They can also create any hand-crafted, custom products you would need. Their location in the heart of the Midwest allows them to ship to all points in the United States cost-effectively. They also have thirty thousand square feet of warehouse space which provides for an inventory of over 500 varieties of silk plants, trees, flowers, foliage, planters, and more. Like I said, they have a little bit of everything here!

If you are looking for some great plants/trees for your home, check out Silk Plants Direct!

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