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Simplify Your Life

I swear that the more technology we have, the more complicated everything has become. Nowadays, you have remotes for everything from TVs to Stereos to Cable to DVD or Blu-Ray players to gaming systems. They way my hubby has everything wired is that if the receiver isn't on, nothing else works. There is nothing more frustrating than having to find 3 (aff) – 4 remotes just to turn tv. The picture to the left here — those are all the remotes we have for the TV/Home (aff) Theater System downstairs.  This is exactly why Yamaha created the ground-breaking neoHD.  The neoHD makes everything easier  – one remote, one on-screen interface, and complete control.  Having to locate one remote instead of 20 is such a time saver!  I know I definitely could use on of these in my house.  Nothing is worse than having to find the TV remote and then the DVD remote and then to receiver remote just to watch a movie!  There is a contest going on that you can win you own neoHD. There are several ways you can enter the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes :

  • by Tweeting: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit (blog.izea.com) to enter”
  • or enter via blog.izea.com

If you enter, let me know why you'd like the new Yamaha neoHD.  I know I'd like it because it would make my basement less cluttered!

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