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Sleep . . . Or Lack There Of

I am so tired. I forgot what sleep deprivation is like. If Madison would take a nap, I could fall asleep right now. Needless to say, Will is not sleeping through the night. He eats about every 2 (aff) – 3 (aff) hours, so that's when we are up. First he gets fed, diaper changed, and then I pump. If I am really lucky (which does not happen often), he will go for about 4 hours. Again, not holding my breath on that one. The last two nights he has decided to get up every hour. It starts about 3 (aff):30ish in the morning.

I know this will pass, but till then, I really need sleep!

3 thoughts on “Sleep . . . Or Lack There Of

  1. Oh sweetie,

    I can still remember how miserable I was from lack of sleep when Grace was a baby. I nursed, too, so I know that contributes. I was afraid to have her in bed with me to nurse her to sleep. She was just so small. I feltlike Iw as living in a literal fog for a couple of months.

    I sure hope you can grab 3-4 in a stretch soon. It will do you good.

  2. my wife and I are about to have a baby. I'm ready to experience the sam lack of sleep quite soon.

  3. hey, i'm commenting for despair.nu. awe i'm sorry to hear about that. i have a 2-month old baby sister, and she keeps me up through the night all the time.

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