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Slice: Beauty Tools

Ever hear of Slice before? Their goal is to make our lives easier, but to do it with style, beauty, and grace. Each one of Slice's cutting tools is both bold design and extraordinary function. Slice was founded in 2008 by TJ Scimone as a way to help fund long-term care for his son, Alex, who is autistic. A minimum of 1% of all Slice product sales is donated to help fund autism research. I know you are asking, but how do their products look and most importantly, how do they function.

When you think of cutting tools, I don't normally thing of beauty supplies. However, I was pleasantly surprised to that they have a great line of tools to help us maintain ourselves. 🙂

These Slanted Soft-Touch Tweezers are awesome. They are perfectly aligned and the red soft-touch grip makes for a device that works great. These are for professional brow shaping. However, you can use them at home (aff). They are made from professional grade stainless steel. For me, I looks great and works just as well, so I am happy.

This Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener is a must have. It has dual German blades and will sharpen 8mm to 12mm cosmetic pencils and crayons. The compact design catches shavings (which, for me, is a definite plus) and houses a handy cleaning-pick. The soft-touch rubberized finish is easy and comfortable to hold. It also matches the Precision Tweezers. I love this. It is compact, easy to use, and it works well.

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