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Smart Cart

I recently attended the Housewares Show at McCormick Place, and one of the really awesome products I came across was the Smart Cart. This was something I was able to use at the show, and now, I'm using at home (aff) too. The Smart Cart (aff) weighs less than 3 lbs empty and folds to only 2 (aff)″ tall! It is definitely something you can easily put away when not in use (and great to leave in your trunk for grocery trips without it taking up your entire trunk!).  The weight capacity is 110 lbs., but you would never ever know it.  It distributes the weigh phenomonally, so that it doesn't even feel like anything is in the cart!

On our last trip to Green Bay, I decided to use it to help me pack. We were delivering Girl Scout Cookies, so what better way to show you how much the Smart Cart (aff) holds? I got 19 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and a top for a candle in there. (What you can't see is that I got a bottle of wine hidden in there too for my sister). The kicker — you can't feel the weight at all. My 3 year old and 7 year old could both easily pull it! The handle for the Smart Cart can be pulled out or pushed in. It also is ergonomically curved, so you can pull heavier loads with less force. The grip is made from non slip rubber. It's also very comfortable to hold. Another added bonus is that it is waterproof (which makes it so perfect for our monthly car trips to Wisconsin!). The cover also protects your contents and allows you privacy.

I love our Smart Cart.  It is one of the products that once you have you can't figure out how you lived without it.  It has made traveling so much easier!

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  1. Totally agree! The Smart Cart just makes things easier. I have been a fan of other dbest products and here is another one that we can and will put to everyday day use along with our 'what would we do without' Quik Cart. I think the Smart Cart will be our car companion accessory for everyday hauling while our Quik Cart has been our household necessity for years now helping in areas like when when we needed a step stool, side table, camping trip tote and then some. (My laptop is resting on it now as I type. 🙂 Love, love the new collapsible rolling carts and I was able to use the Smart Cart this past weekend on a road trip. I can't think of anyone who couldn't benefit from such a cool yet simple tool.

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