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Snack Time!

I swear that my kids never quit eating.  Now, by looking at Madison, you would never guess that.  By looking at Will, you probably would.  As a mom, it is hard to decide what to give your kids as a snack.  I know that I don't want them eating chips.  Right now, my kids are cereal snack freaks.  They can easily finishing off a big box of cereal in less than a week due to eating it for breakfast and then snacking on it the rest of the day.  I try and pick nonsugary cereals as much as I can (though when daddy goes grocery shopping, he lets Madison pick a box of her own choice which usually is a tad more sugary than I would like). Madison loves vegetable too, so you would think this would be easy.  However, the normal things you would find in a veggie tray is off limits for Will (per his doctor).  I can't feed Madison something I can't give Will.  So, in my house, our snacks tend to include cereal, fruit cups, and goldfish crackers.  What kind of snacks do you buy for your kids?

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11 thoughts on “Snack Time!

  1. I think it is extremely important to instill positive eating habits in our kids because it significantly impacts their lives in many ways as they grow up, good post.

  2. Your kids habit gave me a lot of snack choices for my son. We are always more careful about their diet and it make all the process even more difficult. I don't want them to careen one side or another. There should be a balance which should be maintained.

  3. I usually give my kids some corn flakes as a snack with full cream milk! I guess that has good nutrient and vitamins and will help them develop good eating manners! The good thing is that they are great soccer players too 🙂

  4. I believe that kids should be aware of healthy food! I am teaching my kids from now to stay away from junk food and I think things are going on great so far. God bless your kids.

  5. My son goes thru a box of Smart Start and a quart of lite soy milk every week. He loves the antioxidant Smart Start. He'll start making oatmeal soon, now that the weather is cooling.

    I also try to have some protein bars handy, and raw nuts are good–almonds, brazil nuts, etc. And every night I fill a water bottle with filtered water and stick it in the fridge so my son grabs it and drinks it first thing in the morning.

    It's not easy, especially when they will grab a popsicle over carrots. It's a constant struggle and even my son, who is an extremely good eater, has to be monitored regarding his food choices. It's got be even harder for families with several children, or those with dietary restrictions…I feel for you!

  6. on ordinary work days, my kids just snack on fruits and crackers.

    weekends are special though because I have time to bake. I have always loved to bake. So on weekends I bake 4 dozen cupcakes or muffins or both. I have the whole week in mind when i bake so many cupcakes.. but it never seems to last the whole week :mrgreen:

    recipes that my kids have tried and tested and approved– guaranteed good by 3 young boys :mrgreen:

    sites with great cupcake and muffin recipes that i have tried

    Blueberry Muffins from Betty Crocker

    cupcakes with caramel from Wai Lana

    pumpkin muffins from Molly Katzen


  7. I've got a nonstop eater myself, so I make a point of keeping healthy snacks on hand for her. Her favorites are plain vanilla yogurt (which you can flavor with fruits or even a little chocolate syrup) – she thinks it tastes like pudding. Or toss the yogurt in a blender with some milk (or soy milk) and some frozen fruit to make a smoothie. It's just like a milkshake for them and loaded with vitamins and calcium. (Believe it or not – jars of baby fruit are great too, and they love them). She also loves bananas, apples and grapes. She loves colby-jack cheese, so we keep slices from the deli or cubes on hands so she can get it herself and munch as desired. She also loves cinnamon mini-bagels, which are the perfect small snack for her. Cereals are great too, so she frequently fills a zip-loc sandwich bag with dry cereal to carry with her.

  8. I think its very important to let your children get used to healthy eating habits because thats the age where their bodies start to build up.. It's always our job, as parents to take care of that.

  9. Nonstop eating isn't unusual for little ones through teens, as long as you teach them healthy habits. Snacking, as we all know, can have negative effects on us as we age, particullarly with the ever-popular convenience of drive-thrus.

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