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Snow, snow, go away

Yes, it was 70 degrees here last week.  Heck, yesterday it was 50 degrees.  I woke up this morning to SNOW!!!  I mean we have ground cover snow, and it is still snowing.  We just planted grass too!!!  I am debating if I should call Bill and tell him the commute home (aff) tonight is going to be terrible.  I know he probably already knows that, but I would like him home (aff) before midnight tonight.  I also need to grocery shopping.  We need important things like eggs, milk, bread, ice cream, etc.  Taking Madison shopping with me is like shooting myself in the foot.  It is a big pain.  She does not sit in the cart and wants to push the cart by herself.  However, she is too little, and it ends up being a huge fight in the store.  Not a lot of fun.  I just hope it stops, so we can get some stuff done today.

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