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Soap Soundz Musical Hand Soap

Anyone who has children can tell you how difficult it is to get them to wash their hands. We can even tell you once you actually get them to wash their hands how difficult it is to get them to do it properly and for the right amount of time.

That being said Soap Soundz Musical Hand Soap makes it so much easier!  Unlike your run of the mill soap dispensers, when you push the pump down, you hear music.  The music plays for 20 seconds (the minimum wash time for effective hand washing).  The kids in my house (a three year old and a six year old) loved it!  Not only do they wash their hands more, I know they are doing it more effectively.  This is important to me heading into cold and flu season.

The Hygiene Heroes line, which is what I tried out,  is targeted toward children and toddlers.  They also have a Season Harmony line which can be used as a decorative accent to kitchens and baths during various major holidays. Right now, they offer a Halloween, Memorial Day and Christmas version. The music played is relevant to the particular holiday being celebrated.

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