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Since it is a whopping sixty two degree here in Illinois in January, it makes me feel like it is spring which in turn makes me think about soccer. Come spring, we will be signing Madison up for a soccer class. I think it would be good for her. It also will help her release a lot of pent up energy. One of the things that I know we are going to have to invest in then is some
Soccer Balls and nets. I even found some soccer rebounders that we will have to look at getting. These allow Madison not to have to retrieve the ball from the net (of course, she would have to get it into the net first).

Have you ever watched little kids playing soccer? It is one of the funniest things to see. The kid really break down into two groups. You have the group that chases the ball wherever it goes. You then have the group that doesn't really pay attention to the game at all. They are the ones that just stand there and pick flowers/grass or kick the dirt. It is just blast to watch. I played soccer as a kid, so I would like to give Madison the chance too. We just have to get all the equipment that is involved with it.

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