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Colleen always has the scoop on everything and once again, she is where you need to be reading. She has a great scoop on Argus aka SocialSpark (at least that is how interpreted this). This should be great. All of the people (myself included) who have been whining about PR should stop now. Advertisers should be able to look at our metrics, and be able to sponsor you, sponsor posts, etc. As a blogger, you will be able to make comments, send messages, and make friends right from there. I always talk about loving one stop shops and this it. This is one thing you need to sign up for, since it will change everything. Be back later. We get to see it now.

3 thoughts on “SocialSpark

  1. SocialSpark is going to be amazing. I wish we had more time to talk about it. So many cool things. It was great to meet you and talk with you. It is nice to meet the person behind the awesome blog.

  2. I agree that this is what we have been needing. Ted and Pete, what a combination! Genius.

    Hope to talk with you again, maybe where it is quiet! LOL Loud music gets to this old woman! It was good to meet you!

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