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Some days I’m glad we picked private school

One of the few decisions I've made in my life and haven't questioned after has to be sending Madison to private school.  Our local school district is not something I was happy with.  According to the referendum paperwork that was sent (which is the only information I have since when I've called the district they refused to answer my questions), we have no art, no music, no teacher's aides, and up to 34 kids in a class.  Now, last year I know they didn't have art and music and I guess they found some funds to pay for it for this year.  However, don't count on it for next year because they are short money again.  So, if Madison went there, she may or may not get art and music, and who knows how many kids would be in her class (that would only be half day because full day kindergarten costs too much).  Madison attends a private catholic school that has full day kindergarten, teachers aides, art and music.  Granted, it does cost us $, but I can't see setting her up to fail.

Now, I knew the state of IL hasn't been paying their bills.  I've read newspaper articles and Will's speech therapist has been having problems getting paid.  However, I was floored to find out that they aren't paying the school either.  So what are the school districts doing?  Laying off teachers and cutting programs.

How does this play into our private school decision? I don't have to worry about this. I don't have to worry about programs being cut.  I don't have to worry about class size.  I don't have to worry about teachers getting laid off.  I know that Madison is getting a quality education.  Now, granted, I am paying for that.  However, I look at it as setting her up to succeed.  From the way things are going here in IL, I have begun wondering if to get your kids a quality education you have to pay like we are.

I wonder (aff) though — is this happening in other states?  Are we the only state not paying their bills?  Are all the schools going down because they are bare boning them down to nothing?

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