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A Special Holiday Offer for Mrs. Claus Explains It All

Watch and listen as adorable children pose real questions about Santa and his mysterious workshop. Mrs. Claus takes a break from her very busy schedule to answer and invites readers on a tour of the North Pole. Learn some of the best-kept secrets of Christmas from the person who knows it all.

If you’ve ever been baffled by questions like “How does Santa get into houses that don’t have chimneys?” and “Where do elves come from?” then sit down with your precocious child and share MRS. CLAUS EXPLAINS IT ALL. Her answers are precisely what inquisitive children want to know come Christmas!

Luminous illustrations by David Wenzel, bestselling illustrator of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, accompany this enhanced e-book, which contains the full original text as well as fun and engaging audio that elevates the reader experience for both parent and child. MRS. CLAUS EXPLAINS IT ALL brings the magic and wonder of Christmas into a new dimension.

Originally priced at $4.99, this e-book at “app-size” prices. It’s currently on-sale for $1.99! You can get it at the Apple’s iBookstore or NOOK Book Store!

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