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Spending more of my birthday money

Well, last weekend I spent half of my birthday money buying myself some towels.  Actually, I think they are called bath sheets.  They are the really huge ones.  Now, I know a lot of people don't like them (because they keep telling me that!), but I love them which is why I spent my birthday money on them.  Now, I also want some nice shirts.  I own a ton of T-shirts which is great around the house.  However, when we go out (as few times as we do), I would like something nice to wear.  Plus, this year, I will be attending several conferences, and I would really like some nice tops to where.

That is where Sears comes in. Did you know they are having an awesome clearance sale right now? They have a ton of awesome stuff at 75% – 80% off! Who doesn't like to shop with those kind of sales? One of the tops I definitely like is this one:


It comes in several different colors too!  Best of all, it is on sale for $7.79 (regular price $44).  Who doesn't love a deal like that?  With those kind of savings, I can definitely find quite a few outfits for myself.  Make sure to check Sears out for your next shopping trip!

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