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Sports Day!

Tomorrow is a crazy day for both my kids (and it just worked out that way which is what makes it all the more unique).  Will got a note sent home (aff) telling me that Friday was going to be sports day.  The kids could wear anything related to sports.  Well, since Will is 3 (aff), we really don't have him involved in too many sports (I don't think swim counts, and I wasn't sending him to school in a swim suit.  Also, most sports stuff we can find is on the weekends, and we are gone to Green Bay a minimum of one weekend a month.  I hate to sign him up for something that we know we are going to miss a bunch of weeks).  He does have a Chicago Bear jersey.  However, he doesn't want to wear that.  He is a fan of the Green Bay Packers (and I swear I had nothing to do with that!).  Since he really doesn't have all that much for Green Bay Packer attire, I am letting him wear a shirt I just bought up in Green Bay last weekend.  It was a Green Bay Packer Championship shirt that I found on a clearance rack for $4!!!  Packers and frugal — what more can I ask for?  As for Madison, she will be attended a Chicago White Sox game Friday night.  I was able to get 2 (aff) tickets for next to nothing, so Bill and Madison will get some quality time together.  Instead of twirling around in front of her Cheval mirrors in a dress (or her school uniform), she'll be wearing a jersey (though it has been pretty cold this week, so she may have a ton of layers on to keep her warm).

This sports day is the beginning of our crazy weekend.  What are your weekend plans?

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  1. In the childhood I also a fan of different sports. I wail all time for my school holiday. Holiday was the best time for me to share with different sports. Here this topic tell also my childhood description. Thanks for remembering my childhood.

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