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Squirt Blurt

Do your kids say funny things? I know mine do.  Some of the dandies have to include one on the way to Green Bay (right before a really bad storm came through) that went something like this:

Dad:  I wonder (aff) where all the cows went

Madison(my 6 yr old):  Maybe somebody ate them

Or when Madison was three (maybe 4) and she told me her camp counselor should go to jail because he opened up her fruit snacks and forgot to give them back to her.  There is just so many zingers they come up with, and that is where Squirt Blurt comes in.  Squirt Blurt is a place for you to share the innocent, unfiltered and sometimes blunt observations of the world made by children (and there are many, many, many funny ones on there).  The site is free, so feel free to share all you want.  It is also family friendly, so you won't find anything that should offend you either.  You can also comment, like, fav, etc. the stories you like best!

Squirt Blurt is awesome for a great laugh.  It's also a great place to share the quirky and funny things your kids say.  I do recommend a box of tissues though — you'll start crying from laughing so hard at some of these!  I'm currently wiping away tears, and I can't even pick my favorite one because there are so many good ones.  Head on over and tell me your favorite!

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